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 Sprinkler service specialists serving Kamloops and area since 1990



Have you recently purchased a Kamloops property? Maybe you don't have an irrigation guy, or are they just too busy to respond when you need them to? We can help.



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Tim Weiss- General Manager

Want us to install? 

Our forte' is upgrading, and service work, however, given the number of poorly built systems we've seen over the years, we also get asked to install. Following is why we'd prefer to install for you rather than have you call us to repair a poor job.

The irrigation industry is UN-REGULATED. That is, it does not conform to any standards or by-laws. That said, do you know what you are paying for? Are you getting value for your money, or are you going to be throwing good money after bad to have your new system either repaired, or upgraded? Worse yet, will you be paying for flood damage to your home?

There are many so-called irrigation contractors available locally. Some have been around awhile, while others have just begun (many of whom won't be around next year!). What are you paying for? Unfortunately, because we are un-regulated (unlike electricians and plumbers that have to follow codes), most people are unaware that there are many ways to install a sprinkler system, and not all are good! Products vary greatly in quality and price, and methods are different too.

 So how do you ensure you are getting a quality installation? Simple- DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
Ask around. Don't believe everyone either. A new install doesn't always show it's bad side until after a year or two. Whomever you ask may not understand they could have had a better installation. If they have never had one prior, how would they know if it is really good, or just adequate? What materials are being used? Is it PVC, or more expensive Poly pipe? What about the filter assembly? (See the Hall of Shame) Is the pressure correct? Is it too high, or too low? Is there matched precipitation? What about micro-climates? How long has the contractor been in business? These are all valid questions, and they need to be addressed. You could be paying a premium for a mediocre job.

 We are confident enough to offer a FIVE (5) YEAR, UNLIMITED WARRANTY. If anything goes wrong with your system within FIVE YEARS of your initial installation date, we'll fix it for FREE! No worries!


Think all sprinkler systems are built the same? Take a look at the Hall of Shame...

Service Work

Whether it's a big job, or just some adjusting required, we can handle it for you. We service all makes of sprinkler equipment, and all types of pipe including PVC and Polyethylene. 

We can pre-wire your new home so we don't have to punch holes in newly finished drywall.

We can upgrade your timer to make it by-law compliant. No more worrying about watering on the wrong day, or at the wrong time. Our timers come standard with built-in calendars, so you can relax knowing your system will only water on the correct scheduled time and day. Want the latest and greatest? We offer timers that can be operated with your computer and even access weather satellites! We can also install rain sensors to conserve water, and make your irrigation system work more efficiently. 



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