Start-ups / Winterization

Startups and winterizing are done at the beginning of spring and the end of fall


To start up your irrigation system, our top-notch irrigation technicians ensure that the right technique is used. In addition to the start-up of your water, our technicians will program your timer so there will be no down-time and take care of any repairs on site. By making this a seasonal habit, you will significantly increase the lifespan of your irrigation system.

Book your professional start-up with us! Allow yourself the peace of mind heading into the spring and summer season, knowing your system has been tested, adjusted and programmed correctly.


Winterizing is more than just hooking up a compressor and blowing water out of the lines. If done incorrectly, both short and long term problems can arise. To winterize your system, our technicians use the correct volume and pressure via the air compressor to blow-out the lines. This is done to eliminate all water in the system, therefore preventing any damage that may incur over the winter months.

Book your winterization with us now to ensure the same piece of mind you had heading into the summer season.

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